Pellet is produced on basis of extrusion technology by means of crops flour starches gelatinization and drying up to 10-11% humidity.

Manufacturing technology of pellets includes following processes:

  1. raw material preparation and its mixing in accordance with receipt;
  2. screening and moistening of  initial components;
  3. cooking-gelatinization;
  4. forming of semi-processed materials under high pressure;
  5. multistage drying under strictly determined temperature and humidity air parameters;
  6. conditioning;
  7. finished product packaging.

Only natural ingredients and their combinations are used for producing pellets: potato flakes, potato starch, crops flour (wheat, rye, rice, corn, etc.), salt.

Unlike traditional technology of manufacturing chips from fresh potato, technology of frying pellets has number of advantages.

  1. Technology of producing chips from pellets is quite easy and lies in short-term frying of semi-processed product in seed-oil.
  2. Pellet chips excel by constant high quality, as there is no strict dependence on raw materials in their manufacturing: irreproachable physical and taste properties of finished product are maintained by means of technology even when using different sorts of potato.
  3. Dry semi-processed product does not get out of order while long-term storage (up to 18 months).
  4. One more advantage of pellets consists in their high bulk weight, 10 times exceeding the weight of products fried of them, thus providing semi-processed products long-distance transportation availability. Hence, arrangement of local production of chips in consumption areas provides a lot more advantages as compared with delivered finished products.
  5. In contrast to natural potato chips, pellet chips are less-calorie, consequently does not contain acrylamide — substance with high carcinogenic activity.
  6. And finally, pellet chips of the same sort are characterized by the same size and have high variety of shapes.
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