We subdivide the whole pellet assortment into several groups according to receipt composition. Shape, size of semi-processed products can differ and depends on market requirements and your fantasy.

Potato pelletPotato pellet is traditional raw material for producing chips under extrusion technology. Products obtained on their basis excel by typical taste of natural potato and crispy consistence.
Wheat pelletWheat pellet is ideal for producing sweet snacks which have the major advantage — high nutritious features in combination with variety of gustatory characteristics.
Wheat-potato pelletWheat-potato pellet is widely presented in our assortment. High variety of semi-processed product forms of this receipt will allow you to produce several crisp trade marks at once, and gustatory universality of wheat-potato pellets guaranties you one more advantage: ability to use different flavor additives.
Rye pelletRye pellet — is a new and rather prospective position for fast-food market. Snacks obtained from rye pellets are excellent alternative to crackers and combine with rye-bread fragrance and crisp tenderness.

Principals we build our assortment policy at:

  • To consider our customers» preferences always.
  • To take decisions on basis of market research analysis results.
  • To use the progress of leading European manufacturers in the field of new pellet types development by shapes and receipt.
  • To apply the Quality control system at each stage of product manufacturing and disposal.
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