Recommendations we have developed for you specially will assist in answering the questions: which requirements are necessary to be observed to produce high-quality pellet chips, and what does this product»s market success depend on.

Thus, which factors influence quality and gustatory characteristics of chips and snacks?

1.   Observance of chips manufacturing method (pellet frying) requirements, in particular:

  • To establish optimal oil temperature in the stove and frying duration (see section «Products»).

2. Observance of raw material quality requirements  pellets, as well as of ingredients  oil, flavor additives.

Requirements for semi-processed products:

  • Pellet humidity before frying should not exceed 11%. If semi-produces product»s humidity exceeds this level, it is recommended to dry it or to keep at indoor temperature (22-25 o) during 3 days in opened sacks.
  • Pellet temperature before frying  not less than 15 o.

Oil requirements:

  • Purified and deodorized.
  • Recommended oil sort: soybean, cotton, corn, and their mixtures.
  • When frying, it is necessary to control oil acid number changes; maximal value should not exceed 1 mg /g.
  • It is necessary to provide constant oil filtration (at least once a day), and its regular replacement to provide darkening and worsening of taste. Oil daily replacement coefficient (ratio of oil quantity, absorbed by the product during the day, to oil quantity positioned in stove volume at a time) should be not less than 2.
  • Provide frying continuity (without periodical heating and cooling of oil because of frequent time-outs) during, for example, several days, as otherwise oil is exposed to destroying impact (oxidizing process accelerate, especially at the time of slow cooling).
  • Oil should be cooled after completion of works immediately, pouring it off to a separate tank for storage, and inner surface of the stove should be cleaned from mucous, tarry, and other sediments, washing it thoroughly with hot washing liquid.
  • Avoid oil overheating in stove or heat exchanger.

Flavor additives requirements:

  • It is strongly recommended to use only high-quality additives with good pronounced taste, non-hygroscopic, well-friable.
  • Depending on additive sort, its contents in finished product should amount 4-5%.

3. Observance of chips packaging and storage requirements

  • It is recommended to cool chips under natural conditions before packaging. Chips are to be packaged into packs made of one-layer or multi-layer materials (two-layer sputtered polypropylene is frequently used).
  • Chips are to be stored in dry, clean, well-ventilated cool warehouses upon air relative humidity not over than 75%, and temperature 0-10 o, but not exceeding 25 o.
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